Assistant Property Manager


Sydney Otundo is an Assistant Property Manager at Transwestern. Sydney helps manage a variety of retail properties in Minnesota. She also has a retail portfolio in California.

Sydney is responsible for the day-to-day operations including tenant coordination, capital improvements, vendor/contractor bidding and supervision, financial reporting, lease compliance, managing budgets and operating costs, and more.

Before joining Transwestern, she worked for CBRE in the account department and assisting on the procurement team. She had a lot of interaction with the property managers while working those roles which piqued her interest in moving over to property management.

In addition to her working in retail property management, Sydney helps buyers and sellers with their residential needs as she is a realtor in the state of MN. She works with a lot of first-time home buyers and clients who want to build/expand their investment portfolio. Also, Sydney has a nonprofit called That’s Their Dream that was created to provide a space to learn financial literacy to work towards financial independence to help close the wealth gap. This is accomplished by providing programs, events, and resources to make dreams come true.

Sydney takes pride in being loyal, determined, a good communicator, and showing her clients dedication to cater to their needs.


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